4 Instances When You Shouldn’t Use an Agent to Sell Your House

Selling Inherited Property

Not every home is the right fit for the conventional listing process with an agent selling a home on the open market. It is disheartening when day after day passes and the phone isn’t ringing, especially if there is an urgent need for the proceeds from the sale to alleviate financial issues. Personal circumstances can also make working with a real estate agent the wrong way to go when selling a home. 

Most regrettably, many home sellers before they learn about their home selling options after months of waiting for a buyer. To help prevent this from happening to you, we will discuss four instances when you shouldn’t use an agent when selling Prosper home.

A Time Crunch

When you are in an hurry to get your home sold you shouldn’t use an agent to sell. A real estate agent can tell you how much they believe your home will sell for, but they cannot tell you when you will close and get cashed out. If time is not on your side and you want to sell your home, a professional home buyer just may be the solution you need. Working with a professional home buyer means working with a cash buyer, which allows you to set a closing date that is convenient to you in as little as seven days and plan your move. Now, if that is just a bit too soon, a professional home buyer has the flexibility to delay the closing to suit your needs better. Professional home buyers are the way to so if you are selling inherited property as well.

Home Showing Availability

If can be difficult to make your home available for showings at all hours of the day. This is another instance when you shouldn’t use an agent to sell your home. Having children and pets will usually complicate the showing process, especially when sellers need to quickly remove all signs of owning a pet from the home to increase the chances of a sale. For some folks selling home, it is the thought of having strangers coming through their home that makes showings challenging. No matter what the hurdle is that you are facing with showing your home, when you sell it directly to a professional home buyer, they will provide you with the numbers that add up to what you would earn by listing with a real estate agent. Then a professional buyer will make you a detailed offer you will agree is fair because we wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Home Repairs

Homes that are in a state of disrepair are another of the instances when you shouldn’t use an agent to sell your home. Bargain listings garner you meager offers, which can be upsetting when you place an emotional value on your home. When listed homes involve evident work and an unknown quantity of money they typically stay on the market much longer because buyers are searching for homes in ready-to-move-in condition. As an alternative to home sellers who find themselves in this position, professional buyers offer to buy your property in as-is condition. 

Outdated and Needing Renovated

If many years have passed since your home has been freshened up this is an instance when you shouldn’t use an agent to sell your house. These days, buyers seek modern technological conveniences and find older homes just are not well suited to meet their needs. also, with the evolution in societal norms, home offices have become a priority, as have homes with self-contained entertainment perks, such as swimming pools. Buyers, in general, lack the imagination to visualize the potential that you may see in your home. Emotionally, they may be unable to get past the impact of the out-of-date carpeting, appliances or paint and turned off. On the other hand, professional home buyers are happy to help you sell your home quickly, relieving you of updating expenses and the stressful suspense involved with listing and holding onto the property month after month.

Our goal is to make sure you are happy long after you’ve left the closing table and save you money. We do not charge commissions, and you won’t pay any hidden fees or closing costs. Without all of the complications of listing, selling directly to a professional home buyer is easy, our contract is straightforward, and the amount we offer your receive is the amount you’ll receive. The professional buyers stop and take the time to listen to you and your needs, aiding you in achieving your goals.

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